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Experience room shaking sound for yourself

by DotComGuy on 1/2/2018

I love feeling sound.  I don’t know, maybe it’s the immersion. Maybe it’s the power. Whatever it is, my favorite part of a theater visit has always been the sound. When I decided it was time to shop for a new sound system, I wanted to replicate that movie theater experience as closely as possible. Here’s what I learned:

  • Not all audio systems are the same
  • There are affordable options that can deliver great sound
  • The set-up process can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be

What to consider

I have found that many people have a misconception that all home theater audio systems are all the same. Or at least close enough that there isn’t any merit to shopping around. Well, in my experience this tends to be flat out wrong. There are a huge number of factors that can play into the overall quality of a sound system. From quality of parts, to wattage, to input and output options, Finding a system that fits your needs while delivering a great audio experience can be a challenge.

Where to start

Our experts are passionate about helping you find a system you’ll enjoy for years to come. I started by determining how many devices I would be connecting to my receiver. Then, I had to decide how many speakers I wanted. The most common options are 5.1 (5 speakers/1 subwoofer) and 7.1 systems. What will have the biggest impact on your experience by far will be the total wattage. A common thought is that more watts = more sound, but that’s only halfway true. Higher quality speakers can produce more sound with less power.

What will a good system cost me?

Another common misconception is that in order to have a superior sound experience you have to spend a lot of money. While it does remain true that spending more money can offer a better quality system, there are plenty of options that do a great job without breaking the bank.

The most common “full blown” Home Theater systems are comprised of a receiver (the big box everything plugs into), speakers, subwoofer(s), devices, and the TV. These can cost anywhere from $500 for a “starter” quality system to over $4000 for a professional grade system.

One way you can get the “booming” theater sound without spending a lot is to look for a “combo” system. Manufacturers have started to make great audio systems and package them along with common devices. I’m sure you’ve probably seen one, even if you weren’t aware of it! The most common of these are Blu-Ray combos. These devices skip the receiver, and send audio out to speakers and subwoofers completely eliminating the need for a receiver. These will most often cost you between $200 and $400

I’m not interested in a room shaking system, are there other options?

Yes! Sounds bars have come a long way in the last decade. Early sounds bars were usually barely a step up from standard integrated TV speakers. These days however, Sound bars are able to output fantastic sound quality, both in range (high’s and low’s) and accuracy. These are great options for people who aren’t looking for a “theater-loud” experience, but want more range and accuracy than TV speakers can produce.

I’ve picked my system, what’s next?

When it comes to setting it all up, it really can be as easy or as hard as you want it to. This is where our techs really shine. Once you’ve decided which route and products are best suiting your needs, its time to get it all installed.

The easiest systems to set up generally use wireless speakers, that only need AC power to function. While these are very convenient and easy to set up, you’ll find yourself limited by outlet availability. Others have wires ran through walls and plug directly into the receiver/amplifier. Fishing wires can be a great challenge for someone who has never done it before, so give us a call and we’ll do it for you!

Configuring these devices has become increasingly easy over the past few years, although it can still be tricky from time to time. We’d be happy to take care of all of the set up for you.

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