Home Audio and You

Home Audio and You

Set up a home audio system the easy way

by the DotComGuy on December 23, 2017

Every time the Holidays roll around I go through a mental checklist. Do I have enough activities prepared? Is the house clean enough for company? Is the food prepared and ready? Without fail, every year I intend to have a sound system set up to have some holiday music playing and yet somehow it never seems to happen. I decided this year was the year to change that. Where to start though?

Looking at what was available today, I found that I really had 3 main options. I could go with a full on Home Theatre system, complete with a receiver, subwoofer, and 5-9 speakers. Then there were some really cool wall and ceiling mounted speakers. These were either Bluetooth connected, or wired directly to a docking station. Last but certainly not least were the portable bluetooth speakers.

Full Home Theater Systems

Digging a little deeper here, I started by looking at the full Home Theater systems. They seemed like a lot of work to set up, and to be honest a lot of money. When I got to my local big brand store however, I was blown away at the sound quality these systems were able to produce. (I must confess, I own a system already but it’s certainly due for replacement so I figured it’s time to go shopping). Getting these big systems set up is definitely a big undertaking, but can be done by almost anyone with a basic understanding of electronics. There are some fantastic tools to assist with the process of calibrating the sound as well.

In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers

Moving on to the in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. I found these to be my favorite option. They require more work than the other options, but I was very happy to be able to have my system fully “integrated” into my house. No wires, or boxy speakers anywhere to be seen! The sound quality produced by most of these speakers is very similar to what you would expect to see in a moderate Car Audio System. They produce decent Bass, and excellent treble for the most part. A solid choice all around. The only down side with this option is the more advanced setup. You’ll want to either have a moderate understanding of electrical systems, or hire an electrician to install them for you.

Portable Speakers

Looking at the portable bluetooth speakers was probably the most fun. I couldn’t believe how well these little devices could produce sound. Some of the higher end ones had nearly as much booming bass as my car stereo! The major upside to these devices is their portability. You can charge most of them up, and take them on the go with you. I’d throw most major smart home centers in this category as well. These are definitely the easiest to set up, and have the greatest level of connectivity of the 3 options I looked at (generally they include Bluetooth, auxiliary, and some even have WiFi).


Deciding which one for you really comes down to preference. For a simple quick option, the portable Bluetooth speakers are definitely the go to. Easy and fast set up is a big win for these guys. If you want a clean look with good sound, the in-wall speakers are a fantastic option. For those of you looking to shake your house with movie theatre quality sound,. The full Home Theater systems are definitely the way to go.

No matter which option you go with, always know: DotComGuy is here to help! Click here to get started!