DotComGuy brings tech support to your door in Dallas Texas within hours

DotComGuy brings technology help to your door within hours

DotComGuy’s new “Uber-like” web application will directly connect
homeowners with the right tech, at the right price, right now

Baffled by technology? Tired of calling your kids or grandkids to get your devices working? Most of us spend about 22 hours a year trying to fix such things as blank computer screens and internet-connected smart devices that have stopped communicating. Thank goodness, Dallas/Fort Worth residents and small business owners now have the DotComGuy advantage.  

The original DotComGuy rose to fame in 2000 when Dallas resident Mitch Maddox proved that the internet was here to stay by ordering everything he needed online for one year without leaving his home. DotComGuy became an internet icon, gaining 30 million fans in 26 countries. And this was before social media!

Now Dallas/Fort Worth is one of the first markets to have the first-of-its-kind DotComGuy web application, which provides a full menu of tech support services with convenient, “Uber-like” ease.

DotComGuy is the Uber of technical support

This is the first direct ‘consumer to technician’ platform to eliminate the middle-man, saving you money and time. “An experienced local technician will arrive at your door within three hours or less to fix the problem. If the problem can be fixed remotely, it will happen even sooner,” explains CEO Jim Pascucci.

Tech support is now far less frustrating

Available from your smart phone, home computer or other online device, the DotComGuy web application will directly connect you with a local technician who has the specific skillset to do your job. “It’s actually a mobile-friendly website. Nothing needs to be downloaded. You just click on the picture of the problem device, select a service and enter your zip code. You’ll immediately get a quote,” says DotComGuy Chief Technology Officer Jacob Beasley. “Then you can directly connect with your tech to fix whatever issue you have, within three hours or less.”  

DotComGuy will get you up and running

DotComGuy’s tech support services include computers, printers, laptops, smart phones, internet-connected installations, repairs, telecom/voice, smart home appliances and home theatres. It’s a one-stop shop for anything that connects with the internet, whether you need new installations, repairs or troubleshooting.  

Now it’s fast, easy and affordable to hire a pro. After all, you don’t care about how their devices work; you just want them to work. Dallas residents can experience the future of Tech support right now at